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End of Year- Tax Season

Happy October 🎃

So it’s the officially end of year tax season, well it’s the time of year to submit your financial records to your accountant to submit to the revenue. It can be a daunting process especially if its your first year business.

So what do you need to submit? This can be a crazy time of the year and there can be a lot of information that can be missed and you might feel a light overwhelmed with the questions and request your accountant will need to get your finances in order. But don't worry.

Below is a list of all the information you need to submit to your accountant, this is the basis information needed and depending on your accountant some may ask for more and others less , by having the information below it will help give your accountant a full overview of your business:

Petty Cash - All cash expended that you have incurred throughout the year. Ideally in order by date and place by month. It will will make it easier.

Bank Statements - These are key as a bank reconciliation needs to done and every transaction needs to accounted for.

Sales - record of all sales , whether it’s invoices or x read of the till all sales records.

Purchases - Invoices and receipts.

Stock - Closing balance of Stock you are currently holding. If your business runs Jan - Dec you should be doing a stock take in January.

Credit Card Statements

Payroll - you need to run a payroll report for your employees. A summary of payments and deductions for each employee.

It seems like a lot but having this information all ready to give to your accountant makes it easier for both in the long run. I tend to create a folder with Accounts 2020 , broken down by subfolders with the above categories. This way I can make sure is ready for submission. If there is items that I need to hand over physically I would have those broken down by the categories.

Hope this helps and Any further questions, drop me a DM in Instagram or send me a email

Happy Bookkeeping 🤓

Nicola - The Petite Bookkeeper

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